Sibling Doula


If you’re expecting a new sibling, you’re probably concerned about how your child will handle the big changes ahead. A sibling doula can help you walk through the ups and downs of gaining a new family member with confidence. More than just a babysitter, you’ll have a dually trained doula, and mother of siblings, on your team. Options include:

Prenatal Sibling Class

Held in the comfort of your own home, your sibling doula will help your child understand the realities of a new baby via play based learning. Topics include exploring the child’s feelings, explaining what to expect from a home or hospital birth, how to gently help with newborn care, and more. All prenatal classes can be customized to fit the needs of your unique family.

On-call Birth Babysitting

It’s three am, your children are fast asleep, and you’ve just realized you’re in labour. Securing an on-call sibling doula means you can rest easy, knowing someone is always available to watch your children. Services vary depending on your birth plan. Are you planning on including your children in your birth? A sibling doula will be able to take your children out for breaks as needed. Explain the process as it unfolds, and ensure they’re never left confused or frightened. Provide birth doula care when your partner takes a break with the kids. If you’d rather your children not be present for the birth, a sibling doula can spend a day of normality and fun with your child. School pick up and drop off, meal time, bath time, and fun activities along the way.

Postpartum Sibling Class

You’ve just had a baby! Get a home visit from a doula, and help your entire family adjust. Your children will get the chance to play and chat, express their feelings, ask their questions. Older children can be taught basic baby care, and gain the ability to feel involved.

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