Fees by service

Birth Package Fees

To reserve your due date and book your prenatals, a payment of $250 is due following your consultation and prior to your first prenatal. To book on-call time, birth attendance, and postpartum visits, a second payment of $350 is due by 38 weeks. Additional prenatal or postpartum visits can be added on at a rate of $50 per visit.

For more information on fees and refund policies, please request a copy of my contract.

Prenatal Package Fees

Prenatal visits may be purchased as a stand alone package at a rate of $75 per visit. You may wish to add on distance support for a more complete prenatal support experience.

Distance Support Fees

A one time payment of $75 gives you access to distance support and information for the duration of your pregnancy, up to 6 weeks postpartum.

Sibling Doula Fees

Each prenatal or postpartum home visit can be booked at a cost of 75$ each. Add 5$ per additional child per visit.

Book on-call sibling birth services (includes 12 hours of continuous babysitting services and on call time from 38 weeks until birth) for a flat fee of 350$. Add 25$ per additional child.

Reserve a full sibling service package (1 prenatal, birth, and 1 postpartum) for 450$. Add 25$ per additional child.

*Note: Sibling Doula services DO NOT replace Birth Doula services. While I am able to help with siblings periodically while acting as a birth doula, and help with birth care periodically while acting as a sibling doula, it is not possible to do both simultaneously.