Birth packages include one free consultation, two prenatal visits, time “on call” 24/7 starting at 38 weeks (up to 42 weeks), and two postpartum visits.

The initial consult is a “get to know you” meeting. I recommend chatting over coffee. You’ll leave with a copy of my contract and intake forms.

For information on prenatal visits click here.

Birth support begins when you feel you need me. Day or night, I’ll meet you within 1-2 hours from “the call”, and stay by your side for a minimum of 12 hours. In the event of an emergency you may be assigned a backup doula. This is very rare. If you require more than 12 hours of continuous labor support, a backup doula may be called in to ensure you have a fresh, awake, and capable doula at all times. This is also very rare.

I attend all manner of births, with the exception of planned unassisted childbirth. Ask me about my scope of practice to ensure my care is right for you.

After the birth, I remain with my clients for an average of two hours. In this time I might fetch food and drinks for the parents, attend solely to mother or baby in the event an emergency has required a separation of the two, provide comfort care for after pains and recovery, and assist with the first feed. I return for two postpartum visits to assist with baby care and postpartum recovery. One during the first week and one during the third.

From the moment a birth package contract is signed, I’m available for distance support. You can call, text, or email at any time to ask questions and discuss concerns.

For more information please view pricing and contact.