Bereavement Support

When a family receives a life changing diagnosis, it can be very difficult to know where to turn. A bereavement doula can walk with you and your family. We provide physical, emotional, and informational support, every step of the way. You are not alone. Help is out there.

All bereavement services are offered free of charge. If you know someone experiencing pregnancy loss, or you need support yourself, please feel free to contact.

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Bereavement Resources

Support Groups

-Bereaved Families of  Ontario

308-211 Bronson Ave

(613) 567-4278

-Compassionate Friends

31 Maple Hill Way

(613) 241-1266

-Pail Network


Milk Donation

-Milk Bank Ontario

-Human Milk for Human Babies Eastern Ontario

Remembrance Photography

-Erika Godin

(613) 462-6121

-Shanna DaSilva

[email protected]

-Julie Hearty

-Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Grief Counselling

-Grief Counselling Ottawa


-Capital Choice Grief Counselling


Funeral Homes

-Kelly Funeral Homes


-Tubman Funeral Homes


-Hulse, Playfair and McGarry