Your Complete Guide To Belly Mapping

In the latter half of your pregnancy, one big question will inevitably take up an awful lot of space in your internal monologue. "What the hell is that kid doing in there?". Little elbows and knees go flying by like a shark fin in the water. Strange lumps and bumps stick out at all angles. [...]

How I’m surviving bed rest

We made it 23 weeks and 6 whole days before the ultrasound. First they looked over the baby. She looked great. They reassured me no one had spontaneously generated a penis in there, and that my baby was right on track at 1 lb 5 oz. I was vaguely concerned at the images that looked [...]

On not knowing.

Sometimes, your search history is a tiny window into your soul. I click through my searches and see myself looking for answers to fully formed questions. My client has a problem, I know where to find the solution. "ACOG statement on macrosomia" "prenatal yoga schedule" "motherrisk database". I know what I'm looking for. And I [...]

Pad BFF Postpartum

Everything You Need To Know About Lochia

For forty weeks, give or take, there's been a notable absence of blood. Maybe not a complete absence (one third of pregnancies still involve some degree of vaginal bleeding), but it's likely you retired those pads, tampons, and cups a long time ago. You give birth, meet your baby, and begin on the road to [...]

Was that a kick?

When I was expecting my first, I was sure that every sensation just had to be my baby. Weird fluttery feeling? Baby. Tummy ache? Baby. Stub my toe? Not sure how the baby did that, but clearly it must have been the baby. Nevermind that my baby was probably about half an inch long and safely [...]

Babies like Beyonce’s

Let's talk twins. Not that there's any special reason why we'd be on that subject or anything. People are speculating about the contents of this woman's womb like it were a Christmas present spotted before Christmas morning. What could it be? What will they be like? I don't have access to a uterine crystal ball, [...]