About Me

Hi, I’m Sophia. I have a big mouth, a big heart, and a great will to put both to good use.  Early in my career, I set my sights on social work, and spent several amazing years at a youth serving agency. During that time I was lucky enough to work, in an educating or advocating capacity, with CAS, the city of Ottawa, homeless shelters city wide, the AIDS committee of Ottawa, PTS, the police chief’s of Canada association, and even the governor general’s office.

My fledging career took a different turn with the birth of a daughter, followed by a son. My own births opened my eyes to a world that connected all my interests. A way to channel my strengths in education, support and advocacy along with my new found passion for all things reproductive health.

I enrolled in CAPPA academy and started off on my new career as a doula. Additional studies via Stillbirthday and Prodoula followed. As of this writing I am a certified birth doula and bereavement doula, trained and precertified with a second labour doula program, and am presently studying to become a certified childbirth educator. I hold additional certificates in LGBT client care, HUG (neonatal behavior), full spectrum doula skills, and adult, child, and infant CPR.

That’s me! I’m Sophia the Doula, and I so hope to have the opportunity to support you and your family.