*Notice as of summer 2017*

Ultrasound - baby girl - 18 weeks - thumb sucker

We’re on maternity leave! Sophia is taking some time to grow and deliver her own baby. While birth attendance is temporarily unavailable due to medical restrictions, distance and prenatal support are still available. Please feel free to contact for referrals to both birth and bereavement attendants willing and able to support in my stead. Blog is still active, stay tuned for baby announcements!

Welcome to the home of Sophia the Doula. Compassionate care in the city of Ottawa.

I believe in inclusive, full spectrum care. Unbiased, evidence based support for all families. No matter where or how you choose to birth, how you raise your baby, the choices you make in your pregnancy, or the road you follow to parenthood. Certified Birth Doula, Bereavement Doula, and Student Childbirth Educator.

I have specialized training in the management of high risk cases. If you are struggling with physical or mental health challenges, are a teen or youth parent, or feel you have barriers to care based on socioeconomic status, race, sexual orientation or gender identity, please contact for information on obtaining accessible support.

Check back for more as the site undergoes construction. Please contact for more information.